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LAB CHERRY WOOD Ltd. is an art direction and curation company based in Taiwan and Japan which mainly conducts art, photo and design exhibitions. Our focus is making art and design approachable apart from the academic styles and leveraging multimedia to multidisciplinary arts.




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Nicolas Datiche

「Inheriting the House」









Art consultancy


Art lifting


We specialize in curating small and medium-sized art installations for individuals and corporations, combining culture, visual art and commercial marketing. Lab Cherry Wood's curation emphasizes on refining the essence of works and further applying cross-border thinking and cross-media to show the possibilities of artwork extension. With the integration of cross-border resources and many domestic and overseas curatorial experiences, we have flexible curatorial ability and broader vision to provide you with the most suitable curatorial solutions.


We believe that design is an indispensable part of curation. However, the definition of design is not limited to "visual" performance, but through design thinking to enhance the overall planning of curatorial and activity effects, and then bring in the thinking of brand building and brand communication, every exhibition and activity that Lab Cherry Wood handles can get long-term and sustainable planning, because we serve you with the intention of brand building.


Everyone can be an artist and everyone can be an art appreciator.We believe that art should exist in everyday life, not a difficult term that is separate from life. Lab Cherry Wood is committed to supporting artists and creating friendly opportunities for art appreciation, and has invested in art sharing green economy by establishing "art rental service" to change the barriers to art appreciation, diversify the channels and forms of access to art, and redefine the value of art so that it returns to a more pure exchange of life experiences, thus enhancing the spirit and quality of life of the public.


Artists will encounter various professional challenges and art career planning on the long road of creation, and you need a professional and reliable partner who can exchange ideas and opinions. We can be your best partner on your creative journey, including art grant application, overseas exhibition participation, artwork analysis, etc. Through one-on-one discussion, we can help you smooth the bumps in your road of art.


Lab Cherry Wood's curation and planning services can be customized according to your needs. We can reduce the complexity and inefficiency of integrating multiple units by providing a comprehensive curatorial and design planning service, so that you can feel more confident when integrity and communication efficiency comes first to you.

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